Time: Every Friday of the School Term, 6:30- 8:30pm

Location: Hope Community Church

Cost: Refer to ‘The Skinny‘ (our Program). Most nights are free, but occasionally, to cover costs incurred, there may be a small fee.

On an average night at Youth Group, we hang out, play some games, eat some food and spend some time considering the hope of the cross of Jesus Christ.

On the other nights, we do a variety of different things: from slimy baseball to the great chair rally; from simulation games to black-and-white newspaper nights; and any other crazy things we can come up with.

All high school students are welcome. Bring your friends, the more people we have the bigger and better the games will be, & the more friends to hang out with and meet!

For more information, contact: Jason Bryan-Brown on 0435 938 372 or jasonbryanbrown@hotmail.com