Application of the Book of Revelation

The Book of Revelation is a book designed to ignite the imagination. It is designed to redefine how we think about our world. It is designed to Reveal our world what it truly is. Therefore, it should give us hope, to… Continue Reading →

Revelation 17-22: God’s Plan to Take Over the World!

The final chapters of Revelation (21-22) contrast with the chapters before them (15-20). In chapters 15-20, we see the enemies of God are completely, finally and eternally judged in the Lake of Fire! In chapters 21 and 22, we see… Continue Reading →

Revelation 12-16: God’s Plan to Take Over the World!

The second scene of Revelation (12:1–22:5) provides the reader with an alternate vision of Gods plan, by which “the kingdom of this world” becomes “the kingdom of our God and of his Christ” (11:15). Specifically, God will judge this evil, beastly… Continue Reading →

Revelation 1-11: God’s Plan to Take Over the World!

The seven churches of Revelation are facing a crisis. The crisis is the impending visitation of their Lord (see Rev 1). Jesus Christ is coming soon to evaluate the work and ministry of these churches. And sadly, some of the… Continue Reading →

An Introduction to Revelation

In this, the first of five sermons in the Book of Revelation, Jason orients us to the message of the book. Firstly, addressing the misconception that the final book of the Bible is about imparting secrets to us about the… Continue Reading →

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