When it comes to understanding the group of books in the Old Testament called the Prophets, knowing a little bit of background makes all the difference. For example, simply knowing if a prophet lived before, during or after the Babylonian Exile (586 BC) opens up the whole book. The prophets before the Exile (known as the Pre-Exilic Prophets), warned the people that the Exile was going to come. The prophets during the Exile (known as the Exilic Prophets), comforted the people in the midst of the suffering. And the prophets after the Exile (known as the Post-Exilic Prophets), challenged the people to not allow the sins of the past to recur. Each of these prophets also has a powerful message for us today. 

Jason Bryan-Brown, introducing our new sermon series, The Minor Prophets, on the 23rd of July, 2017.