The first of three sermons narrating Jesus’ Passion, as recorded in John’s Gospel. In this passage, Jesus makes four separate decisions. Each of which seals his own fate. He could have not gone to the Garden of Gathsemene. He could have not stepped out and identified himself as “Jesus of Nazareth”. He could have not stopped Peter’s from attacking the Romans. He could have not talked cheek to Annas. Each of these decisions marks a cross-roads, from which Jesus could have turned away from the cross or towards it. He chose to endure the agony of the cross. The agony of being separated from his Father. And he chose to endure that agony, so that we, who believe in him, might never have to. And that is the model which we as believers are to follow. We are endure agony, for the sake of one another.

Jason Bryan-Brown preaching on John 18:1-27, on the 12th of March, 2017.