A person’s last words are the last things that they want to spend their energy and time thinking and speaking about. They are what matter most to a person. In the case of a person with faith, their last prayer function in a similar way. If you want to know what matters to a person, what really matters. Take a look at what they prayed about right before they died. What is it they mattered so much to them, that they could not die without entrusting it to God. For Jesus. The things that mattered most to him were others. He prayed that:

  • He would be glorified (vv. 1-5), so that believers would be saved.
  • God would keep the 12 disciples (vv. 6-19), so that they might show the world who God is.
  • And that God would unite all of Jesus’ disciples (vv. 20-26), so that the world might see the Gospel in us.

What matters most to Jesus is that we live lives that show this world that we are loved (v. 23).