In this final passage (almost Epilogue-like) of John’s Gospel, there are four lessons for the reader of John’s Gospel. John assumes that any reader who has made it to this point of the book, is willing to take up the challenge of loving others, just as Jesus has loved them. To wash other’s feet (symbolic of dying to yourself), just as Jesus washed the feet of the disciples. And for anyone willing to take up that mission, Jesus has four lessons for them:

  1. If you listen to Jesus, and love one another, you will be fishers of men.
  2. Jesus doesn’t need you to catch fish for him, he merely invites you to join in with what he is already doing.
  3. Jesus forgives those who have failed him, and gives them the opportunity to continue to serve him.
  4. We shouldn’t be concerned about other fishers, we should just focus on the fish that God has for us to catch.