Amos continues his message of judgements from chapters 1-6, throughout chapters 7-9. However, whereas chapters 1-6 were primarily messages of judgement (oracles), chapters 7-9 contains visions that Amos received throughout his ministry. These visions come in pairs, which get increasingly more certain. The Vision of Locusts and Fire (7:1-3, 7:4-6), where Amos intercedes and God relents from the judgement. The Vision of the Plumb Line and the Basket of Ripe Fruit (7:7-9; 8:1-3), where God declares “I will spare them no longer”. Then, the final pair almost has a sense of inevitability. There is no more conversation between God and the Prophet, no chance of intercession and no chance of God relenting. And God’s judgement comes hard and fast in the Vision of the Lord Himself (9:1-10), but then surprisingly, the vision of the Lord standing in judgement, is paired with a declaration of God’s grace and kindness. After 9 long chapters of judgement and destruction. There are 5 beautiful verses of grace and kindness. And that’s the Gospel. After centuries of failing and waiting, Jesus finally came. Full of grace and truth.

Jason Bryan-Brown preaching on Amos 7-9, on the 20th of August, 2017.