God had looked upon the people of Israel, a nation of slaves, and had had compassion. He took them out of the land of Egypt. He gave them a land. He made them a Kingdom of Priests. He entrusted them with His Law. He looked upon them and was kind. And Israel was supposed to do the same thing. They were supposed to love others, just as God had loved them. But, they didn’t. They trampled upon the poor. Ignoring their plights. And, it is for this reason, that God declares to his people that he is going to judge them. He is going to take them out of the land and exile them, not because they weren’t religious enough. Not because their religion was bad or wrong. Not because they were even bad people. He was going to punish them, because they weren’t God’s people. They were supposed to be like God, by loving others, showing compassion and being kind to strangers. But, they weren’t. They weren’t God’s people! And so, God was going to judge and punish them.

Jason Bryan-Brown preaching on Amos 3-6, on the 13th of August.