In the Gospel of John, Jesus and ‘the World’ are often at ends with one another. The source of the enmity is undoubtedly the World, not God. God loves the World (3:16). However, the World hates the Light, because it exposes its deeds as evil. Therefore, the world hates the Light, but loves darkness (3:20-21). Jesus is the Light of the World (8:12), and those who believe in him are “the children of light” (12:36). And so, Jesus’ followers are also hated by the World (15:19). This hatred has many expressions: persecution (v. 20), being cast out of the synagogue (16:2), murder [as worship to God] (v. 2). And, in the midst of this World of hatred, Jesus’ disciples are to love one another (13:34). The Spirit is our Helper in this mission (15:26). He enables us to love others by bearing witness to us that Jesus is gloriously all-satisfying.