An Interruption is only as interrupting as the importance of the thing that it interrupts (if that makes sense). In other words, the frustration caused by an interruption is always directly proportionate to the value we place on the activity that is interrupted. For example: for some people, the internet dropping out is a huge interruption to their life, whilst for others, they wouldn’t even notice. You see, interruptions reveal our hearts. They reveal what we count as important. And that’s what we see in the story of Jairus’ daughter. Jairus’ life is interrupted by the sickness of his daughter. Jairus’ journey to fetch the healer (Jesus) is interrupted by a woman and Jesus’ persistence to identify her. And, ultimately, Jairus’ entire world is interrupted by the greatest interruption, death. But, Jesus is the King of Interruptions. And, through Jesus, we too can rule over the interruptions in our lives. 

Alan Stanley preaching on Mark 5:21-48, on the 16th of October, 2016.