Our Identity

We are disciples of Jesus Christ. At the cross Jesus reconciled us to God, and we now enjoy a relationship with God, through his Spirit, who lives within us. We love God and love people. We are a warm and welcoming group, made up of: children, teenagers, singles, young married couples, young families, and, of course, the young at heart; and everyone in between. We would love to see you come along on a Sunday morning!

Sunday Service


Our Values

We value the attributes and characteristics of Jesus Christ. It is these attributes and characteristics which are at the heart of the Gospel message. They can be remembered with the mnemonic SERVANTS:

Sacrificial love for God and others

Evangelism and Edification

Reliance upon the Holy Spirit and Prayer

Value and include all people equally

Authority of the Scripture and Church Leaders

Nurture family relationships

Truthfulness and Integrity

Small group discipleship

Our Mission

Our Mission is to see the hope of the Gospel go forth and transform our community, nation and world. We will do this by proclaiming the cross of Christ to those who have not yet encountered God; and by living such cross-shaped lives that people see the love of God in us, and turn to Christ and find life in him.