What is your favourite thing to do in your spare time?

Hmm… I guess in my spare time I enjoy going for long walks through parks, forests, up mountains etc. I love exploring nature, especially waterfalls.

If you could use one word to describe yourself, what would that word be?


What brought you to Hope Community Church?

After my husband, Jason, finished Bible College he wanted to go into ministry and we spent a lot of time praying for God to guide us. We came up (from Brisbane) one weekend with Alan (Stanley), when he was preaching. The following weekend we came up again, and then about 6 weeks after that we moved up.

After our first visit we were amazed at how friendly everyone was (and still are), and that has definitely made the move in terms of churches but also locations a lot easier.

Are you involved in any of the weekly activities or going’s on in the church currently? And what do you find enjoyable about these?

Yes. I am involved in Kids Club and Kids Church.

Kids Club is a fantastic program. I think it’s great that the children can come across the road from school, have something to eat, play some games, do drawing or play lego, and most importantly hear about Jesus. One of my favourite parts of the afternoon is when they want to play musical statues. I am the worst person to ‘judge’ who is out, because I always miss who was the last one moving, so we end up having about 10 rounds before anyone even gets out.

Kids Church is also a lot of fun. It’s fantastic that there are so many children within the church. I love seeing how they get on with each other and hearing their answers to questions; it is wonderful to see how much they know about Jesus and hearing their stories that ‘relate’ to the point we are talking about. It is also great to see the eagerness of the children to participate in the family service.

What does being a Christian mean to you?

Being a Christian for me means finding my identity in God and realising that nothing in the world is greater than living for Him. Before becoming a Christian I felt very hopeless and did not really see the point in much. I found my identity and self-worth in various things that never brought happiness. In Christ I know that I have hope, because one day I will be reunited with Him. Until that day though, it means placing God first in my life.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

Teleporting. It would save so much time.

Why aren’t blueberries blue?

Because they are purple, but purpleberries has no alliteration.

If you could only have one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Definitely chocolate … okay, that’s probably not a meal, and definitely not very nutritious. So, on second thought I would say Beef Stroganoff.

What is the strangest thing you have eaten?

As much as I love food, I’m not one for trying ‘strange’ foods. After thinking long and hard about this and trying to remember various things I ate overseas, I would have to say Durian, the smelliest fruit you can get (in my opinion).

What is your favourite animal and why?

Cats, because they are strange (well mine is at least). For instance, my cat prefers to sit on a piece of paper than the carpet. If there is a new box around, regardless of size, she will squeeze herself in. She drinks water out of taps and glasses, but not her own water bowl. Even though she is old in cat years (14), she still plays and chases things like a kitten. She announces that she either needs to go to the toilet or has just been to the toilet by racing throughout our unit. Other than cats being strange, they are also my favourite animal because they are cute, and they clean themselves.

Do you have a favourite Bible passage, verse or story? Why does it mean so much to you?

Psalm 139 has always meant a lot to me. I struggled to accept myself for most of my life and was very critical, but this psalm reminds me that God has made me and that He knows me. Romans 8 would be another favourite; I love how it talks about life with Jesus and just how incredible it is.

As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I think I went through a range of different ideas of what I wanted to be. I used to love playing ‘teachers’, so probably a teacher at some point, I also wanted to be an actress and I wanted to be a mum.