August 2017

Amos 7-9: The Certainty of Judgement & The Surprise of Grace

Amos continues his message of judgements from chapters 1-6, throughout chapters 7-9. However, whereas chapters 1-6 were primarily messages of judgement (oracles), chapters 7-9 contains visions that Amos received throughout his ministry. These visions come in pairs, which get increasingly… Continue Reading →

Amos 3-6 – The Judgement of God’s People

God had looked upon the people of Israel, a nation of slaves, and had had compassion. He took them out of the land of Egypt. He gave them a land. He made them a Kingdom of Priests. He entrusted them… Continue Reading →

Amos 1-2 – The Judgement of God Upon the Sin of Man

Amos spends the first two chapters of his book prophesying judgement upon the nations of the world (at the time, these nations were Aram, Philistine, Phoenicia, Moab, Edom, Ammon, Judah and Israel). The reason he is able to prophesy judgement… Continue Reading →

The Minor Prophets: An Introduction

When it comes to understanding the group of books in the Old Testament called the Prophets, knowing a little bit of background makes all the difference. For example, simply knowing if a prophet lived before, during or after the Babylonian… Continue Reading →

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