April 2017

Disappointments & God – Reflections from the Book of Habakkuk

In this sermon, we turn to the short and relatively unread Old Testament Prophet Habakkuk, to glean some insights into the times in our lives when God doesn’t meet our expectations. When we are disappointed in God, we need to understand… Continue Reading →

Genesis 33 – Growing in the Lord

In this passage, we see the journey that Jacob (now known as Israel) has taken. When leaving the Promised Land, he vowed to God that if He brought him back to the Land, that the Lord would become his God. And… Continue Reading →

Easter: The Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ

The life, death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ are, for Christians, the foundations of our life and faith. They are theological events, giving our lives meaning and significance. But, they are also historical events, grounding them in the reality of… Continue Reading →

Breakfast on the Seashore (John 21)

In this final passage (almost Epilogue-like) of John’s Gospel, there are four lessons for the reader of John’s Gospel. John assumes that any reader who has made it to this point of the book, is willing to take up the… Continue Reading →

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ (John 20)

When darkness, hope and despair had all but consumed the disciples, the Son rose and filled the world with light once again. John’s telling of the Resurrection emphasises the quality of life that Jesus entered into now that he had… Continue Reading →

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