January 2017

John 17

A person’s last words are the last things that they want to spend their energy and time thinking and speaking about. They are what matter most to a person. In the case of a person with faith, their last prayer… Continue Reading →

John 16:25-33

Jesus’ hour was a moment of significant theological change. No longer was God known through figures of speech and words on a page; suddenly God was plainly seen (v. 25). No longer will priests and mediators be necessary to pray… Continue Reading →

John 16:16-24

This passage is really quite comical to read. Seven times in verses 16-19, the words ‘little while’ appear. Jesus says that in a little while, the disciples won’t see him, and then in a little while, they will see him again…. Continue Reading →

Going when Called (Psalm 71)

The Psalmist asks God not to forsake him, even in his old age, but instead to be with him and sustain him so that he might proclaim God’s might to another generation, and God’s power to all those who come… Continue Reading →

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