December 2016

Christmas: Myrrh & the Nativity Scene

For many people (myself included) the Nativity Scene is a treasured part of Christmas tradition. The story behind that scene is retold in families year after year. Not because we have forgotten how it goes, but because we treasure it… Continue Reading →

John 16:4b-15

Jesus’ hour is only hours away. The World’s hatred will come to a climax and Jesus will be crucified. And Jesus wants his disciples to understand that the cross is not a divine mistake or anything, but that it was… Continue Reading →

John 15:18 – 16:4a

In the Gospel of John, Jesus and ‘the World’ are often at ends with one another. The source of the enmity is undoubtedly the World, not God. God loves the World (3:16). However, the World hates the Light, because it… Continue Reading →

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