October 2016

John 14:1-14

Jesus Christ came to reveal the Father, to a world that had never seen God. And he commissions his disciples to complete that mission. We have seen God’s glory in Jesus Christ, most perfectly we have seen his glory on the… Continue Reading →

Jesus: King of Interruptions

An Interruption is only as interrupting as the importance of the thing that it interrupts (if that makes sense). In other words, the frustration caused by an interruption is always directly proportionate to the value we place on the activity that… Continue Reading →

Genesis 28

In Genesis 28, Jacob, on the verge of leaving the promised land (not to return for many years), the land of his fathers, and entering into the land of Gentiles and strangers, has a dream. In this dream, God tells Jacob… Continue Reading →

John 13

Jesus completely redefines everything about who God is, by ‘laying his life down’ for his friends. At the cross, we see a picture of God which is radical in many ways. At the cross, we see that God is love, not… Continue Reading →

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