September 2016

5 Minutes With… Courtney

  What is your favourite thing to do in your spare time? Hmm… I guess in my spare time I enjoy going for long walks through parks, forests, up mountains etc. I love exploring nature, especially waterfalls. If you could… Continue Reading →

John 12

For 11 long chapters, John has been chronicling 7 signs, from Jesus’ 3 years of ministry, that he did in order to prove that he is who he claims to be. All the while, opposition was growing against him, but… Continue Reading →

John 11

When Jesus finds out that one of his most beloved friends is sick, who lives a mere 3 kilometres from the Jewish authority in Jerusalem (who are seeking to arrest Jesus), what will Jesus do? Will he stay back in… Continue Reading →

John 10

By this point in John’s Gospel, Jesus Christ has been doing some weird stuff: He has changed water into wine. He has healed the Centurion’s Son, by his word. He has raised a long-term cripple. He has multiplied the fish… Continue Reading →

Paul’s Advice to his Son

Too many fathers, even Christian father, are far more concerned that their children live comfortable lives than live a life worthy of God. According to the Apostle Paul, anyone who wants to live a godly life will be persecuted. However,… Continue Reading →

Five Minutes With… Allison Prior

Allison Prior was interviewed on Father’s Day (2016) about what she believes to be a crucial aspect of fatherhood and a time when her husband (David) really stepped up to the plate. 

Five Minutes With… The Carruthers’ Boys

James Carruthers (11), Izaak Carruthers (9) and Levi Carruthers (5) were interviewed on Father’s Day (2016) about what they think is the most important thing for a Father to do, and how their dad measures up. 

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