June 2016

John 6

One of the most fundamental assertions of John’s Gospel is “In him [Jesus] was life.” (John 1:4) However, it is not until John chapter 6, that we see the lengths to which Jesus would go to in order to give… Continue Reading →

The Intervention of God (Gen 16-22)

The God of the Bible is not the God of Deism. The God of Deism created the world and people, checked that everything was working correctly, and then, turned off the lights, locked the door and threw the key in a… Continue Reading →

Five Minutes With… Paula

  What is your favourite thing to do in your spare time? Reading. I’m a definite bookaholic. When/if I ever have a reasonable amount of spare time, I also like to paint, draw and bake. If you could use one… Continue Reading →

Riches and their Roots (Gen 15)

Paul Douglas explains how the LORD made a covenant with Abraham, to give him descendants and land, and (in the same way) has made a covenant with us, in Christ, to give us unfathomable riches. Paul Douglas preaching on Genesis 15,… Continue Reading →

God is Faithful (Gen 12-14)

In Genesis 12, we see that God is faithful to his covenant, even when people (i.e. Abraham) are unfaithful to him. In Genesis 13, we see that God is faithful to his covenant, even when people (i.e. Abraham) are foolish. In Genesis… Continue Reading →

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