May 2016

How to Hear God’s Voice

There are lots of voices in this world. The voice of the world, the media, our friends, family, our selves, and God. As Christians we want to hear the the voice of God. And we know that often God speaks… Continue Reading →

Five Minutes With… Eunice

  What’d you have for breakfast this morning? Fruit, toast and tea What is your favourite thing to do in your spare time? Writing, reading, doing crosswords, admiring gardens and going for walks. If you could use one word to… Continue Reading →

John 5

Jesus comes to the Pool of Siloam, only to find that there is a man whom the Pool has been unable to heal. This is because the system itself is flawed. However, lest we think that God doesn’t care about… Continue Reading →

The Power of a Story

It is so well-known that a Google search cannot even turn up the original speaker of the famous quote: “A Book is a Magic Portal to Another Dimension.” And, believe me, it is true. I can still remember the journeys… Continue Reading →

Making the Right Name for Yourself (Gen 10-11)

At the Tower of Babel, humanity attempted “to make a name for [them]selves”. The Tower of Babel is a key example of the narcissism of humanity, that is, of just how highly we value ourselves. However, if we turn the page… Continue Reading →

1 Peter: A Guide to being a Chosen Reject…

1 Peter is a book based upon a paradox. Peter explains this paradox to us in the very first verse of the book, he addresses his audience as: “elect exiles” (ESV). That is, somehow, Christians are both chosen (elect), and… Continue Reading →

Honouring Your Mother

“Honour your Mother and Father” (Exo 20:12). According to Paul, “This is the first commandment, with a promise.” (Eph 6:2). But, what does obeying this commandment look like throughout each of the different stages of life? As children? Teenagers? Parents?… Continue Reading →

Keeping Yourself, Being Kept and the Book of Jude

Recently, someone in my family turned their back on the Gospel. She made a very clear and out of the blue life decision, which left little doubt in my (and others’) mind that she had abandoned her faith. Indeed, she… Continue Reading →

Five Minutes With… Jonathan

What did you have for breakfast this morning? A bowl of Power Grain, Muesli and Weetbix – with fruit toast What is your favourite thing to do in your spare time? I would really like to find a favourite thing… Continue Reading →

Judgement & Salvation Through Judgement (Gen 6-9)

The Flood was the outworking of God’s judgement upon humanity, however, Paul notes how God, by means of the Ark, worked salvation through the Flood. For us, Jesus is another Ark, in which we find shelter from the judgement of… Continue Reading →

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