March 2016

Five Minutes With… Samara

What brought you to Hope Community Church? My husband – or I should say my friend at the time who also just happened to be a boy. Are you involved in any of the weekly activities or going’s on in… Continue Reading →

Faith and Works in the Book of James (Part 1)

Christians, through the centuries, have had a love/hate relationship with the book of James. Theologians and scholars often hate it because of its pithy sayings, lack of logical structure and its seemingly contradictory message (when compared with that of Paul)… Continue Reading →

John 4:1-42

What are you finding your life in? Are you looking to your job, your family, your possessions to give you life and joy? That’s the message of the Woman at the Well: don’t find your life in the things of… Continue Reading →

John 3

The world has never seen God, and so, Jesus Christ came to show the world who God is and what He is like. In this chapter, Jesus shows us that the Father does not discriminate, He pours out His Spirit… Continue Reading →

John 2:12-25

Jesus came to reveal the Father to a world which had never seen God. But, surely the Jews, the chosen people, the holy nation, God’s precious possession, has seen God. Surely they understood who God was and what He was… Continue Reading →

John 2:1-11

Jesus came to earth to reveal the Father, he came to show the world what God is like. He shows us that God is generous beyond belief and faithful to all of his promises. God is not the kind of God… Continue Reading →

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